• Eating for energy: Drinking a lot of coffee? Energy drinks? Eating a lot of sugar and still feeling tired? Let’s discuss foods that can give you energy all day without crashing.

  • Healthy diet for busy professionals, eating on the run: Planning and preparing meals can be time consuming. Lets discuss what you can do to eat healthy with the limited time you have.

  • Healthy diet vs. Fad diets: Which diet to choose? Ketogenic, Atkins, Paleo, Vegan, Gluten free along with other common diets.

  • Nutrition 101: Discuss the main Macronutrients, label reading and how to achieve a balanced diet.

  • Healthy eating on budget: Who said eating healthy has to be expensive? lets discuss healthy, a lasting and balanced diet on a budget.

  • Men's Health / Women's Health.

  • Healthy eating on business trips: if you travel a lot for business and can’t eat healthy or manage your weight, we will discuss information to stay healthy while travelling.

  • Happy heart: Whether you have a heart problem, if it runs in your family or if you’re just looking for information to prevent heart disease, we can discuss main nutrients that are important for heart health.

  • Supermarket Savvy: Confused about all the different terms we hear, organic, GMO, artificial sweeteners, cage free, grass fed? Lets discuss all the different terminologies and how to make the best choices.

  • Diet and exercise: Eating healthy while exercising. How much protein and carbohydrate needed based on the type of activity you’re doing.

  • Smart Snacking.

  • Managing Diabetes and blood sugar: manage or prevent diabetes, learn about carbohydrate sources, glycemic index.

  • Energy for optimal exercise: whether preparing for a marathon, 5 K run or just want to learn how to eat while exercising, discuss carb loading, high protein diet and protein supplements.

  • Nutrition for weight loss.

  • Emotional eating: understanding the connection between food and mood.

  • Start the day right, the amazing benefits of breakfast.

  • Meal Prep Sunday: How to prepare healthy meals for the whole week.

  • Mindful eating: learn how to pay attention to what and how you eat.

  • How to kick your sugar addiction.

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